Higher Cap on Medical Damages Proposed in California

New legislation is being proposed in California for a higher cap on medical damages. The Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act is expected to appear on the ballot in November. The act also requires physicians to check a statewide prescription-drug database before giving patients medication. In addition, physicians will be expected to report colleagues Read the full article…

San Diego County Takes Action to Prevent Elder Abuse

After numerous egregious incidents of elder abuse/neglect, San Diego is taking some concrete steps towards improving conditions in care facilities and protecting the elderly. This week San Diego County officials announced numerous positive changes that would occur within the county and the state. These changes include: Doubling the staff to San Diego’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Read the full article…

Man Sustains Injuries Near Torrey Pines

A developing story has rescue crews attempting to retrieve and injured man from a cliff near Torrey Pines. Preliminary reports state that the man sustained back injuries. The cause of the accident is still unknown. See full story here: